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Enjoy the luxury of three dog products in one made with beautiful hardwood! The new Convertible Elite Pet Gate from Richell converts quickly and easily from a freestanding pet gate, to a room divider, to a pet pen! It’s specifically designed to confine your pet safely in areas with larger openings, yet fit beautifully in any home décor!

Convertible Elite Pet Gate 4-Panel

Convertible Elite Pet Gate, 4-Panel

Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate, 6-Panel

Convertible Elite Pet Gate, 6-Panel


  • Freestanding gate, room divider, ex-pen and (with optional wire top), crate! The Convertible Elite Pet gate consists of configurable panels that you can use as a freestanding dog gate or room divider. You can also configure it to create an exercise pen, and with the optional wire top, it becomes a dog crate!
  • Swinging, lockable door: The Convertible Elite Dog Gate includes a lockable swinging door for easy one-handed entry and exit. No need to step over or move the gate itself.
  • Beautiful hardwood construction using sustainable rubberwood.
  • Options, options! Optional panels allow you to configure the gate, divider and pen any way you want and as large as you want! Purchasing two optional wire tops allows you to create a pet crate that is 31.5″W x 63″L x 31.5″H, or if you purchase one wire top, you can remove two panels and create a crate that is 31.5″ x 31’5″ x 31.5″. Panels can easily be removed or added to create the exact configuration you need. Additional panels can be purchased if you need to block a larger area.
  • Dimensions: Each panel is 31.5″ wide and 31.5″ high. The Convertible Elite Gate can block an area as small as a doorway (overlapping onto the wall) or as large as 135″. The gate features specially designed caps which allow you to lock the panels in place at either 90 degrees or straight.
  • Rubber feet to keep it securely in place.
  • Easy to assemble, configure and store. The included manual advises you on how to create many of the possible configurations, including: corner divider, room divider, doorway gate and exercise pen and crate (with optional wire top). The Convertible Elite Gate can be folded flat for storage.

There are many kinds of free standing pet gates offered on the market place. Normally, home owners use a gate to hold the pet from acquiring into places of the house that are hazardous to them. For case in point, the gate can be employed to continue to keep dogs from acquiring into the garage. There are a lot of resources and chemicals that may be unsafe to a pet’s wellness, and it is far better to be secure than sorry.

Pet gates arrive in strain mount, hardware mount and free standing pet gate types. Freestanding pet gates are favorite because of their ease and portability. These gates are secure enough that the property owners would not have to be troubled about the have to have to set up it. Many property owners are not so confident when it arrives to hardware mounting, and freestanding pet gates are simply a lot more hassle-free (even though barricades at the top of stairs will need to often be hardware-set up for protection!).

FreeStanding Pet Gate Pick of the Day

Free Standing Pet Gates would also be encouraged for people today who are not so positive exactly where they want it to be positioned. As they can easily be moved from 1 space to one more, house owners who are indecisive will need not fear about making something permanent. It will become far more useful for the reason that hardware mounted gates would depart long lasting holes and incisions on the partitions or on the stairway. Another sort is the Retractable Safety Gate, which would not involve home owners to purchase supplemental panels to make the gate coverage wider.

A lot of house owners use gates to separate pets from kids. There can be a lot of causes to do this. At times, canines are as well major that they can in fact damage the baby unintentionally. If the kid is ingesting, the dog should also be held away, particularly considering that he will in all probability attempt to get what the baby is eating. For quite youthful children, close encounter with pets can also bring about asthma and other kinds of allergies.