Extra wide pet gates

Extra wide pet gates are one of the most favorite type of pet gates. Tall and Extra Wide Dog Gate is a must if you have an extra energetic pet like a dog who likes to jump long. We all love our dogs and want to give them freedom but no doubt sometimes we have to put some restrictions. In fact we cannot say restrictions these are the boundaries and we want them to follow the discipline.

There might be certain areas at our home where we don’t want our dogs to go like kitchen, baby room etc. To avoid our dogs to go in those areas a simple solution is to use a dog gate. When you start thinking to use a pet gate then you come across a large variety like Free Standing Pet Gates, Tall Pet Gates, Stairway Pet Gates, Hallway Pet Gates, Wide Pet Gates, Extra wide pet gates.

Dog Gates are made from different materials like Wood Pet Gates, Iron Pet Gate and Wire Pate etc. The following one is a highly recommended Free Standing Extra Wide Wood Pet Gate:

Extra Wide Pet Gates 4 Panel

Extra Wide Pet Gates
Click here to learn more about this Extra Wide Freestanding Pet Gate 32 Inch 4 Panel

The height of this Dog Gate is 32 inches and its width is up to 72 inches. It is very easy to install. You do not need to use any pins, nails or screws. You can put this gate anywhere you want. This Dog Gate is in zig zag design due to which it has a log of benefits. You can not only adjust it conveniently but you can also fold it flat. If you want to carry it then simply fold and move.

Extra Wide Pet Gates 5 Panel

Foldable Pet Gate
This FreeStanding Extra Wide Dog Gate is available in different colors including Black, Cherry and Mahogany. You can choose whatever you like or fits your decors. It is recommended only as a pet gate, not as a baby gate.