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Tall Pet Gate

If you have a large Dog who belongs to one of tall dog breeds or an extra energetic pet who loves to jump long then you should buy Tall Pet Gate. Tall Dog Gates come in various size, material and colors.

Extra Tall Pet Gate

As it is not easy to walk-over an Extra Tall Dog Gate for a person so the Walk Through feature makes it feasible to install. These gates are easy to install without any hardware requirements.

Walk Through Tall Pet Gate

Walk Thru Tall Pet Gate swings can be opened in both directions. When we want to cross, we can simply open the light weight and smoothly moving Walk Through Pet Gate with our one hand.Tall Dog Gate is ideal to install on stairs and/or room openings.

Tall Pet Gate

Walk Over Wooden Gates are designed for small pets. These gates lock securely on top and bottom. They cause no damage to walls. Walk Over Pet Gates are easily portable for added convenience.

Wood gate safely secures pets without creating inconvenient barriers for people. No tools or assembly are required. Quickly set up to barricade and just as quickly remove. Solid wood slats for durability and aesthetics.

Walk-Over Pet Gate